Living Responsibly

Living responsibly is something I am passionate about. Brought up in a less than wealthy home, I had hand me down clothes from the neighbours and was used to living frugally. It never bothered me, I never felt ashamed or less than anyone else, and it is something I have embraced in adulthood. I buy my clothes from charity shops and carboots, not because I can’t afford to shop for regular clothes, but because there are awesome things to be found! I don’t tend to follow fashion, I have my own sense of style (or lack thereof!), so normal clothing shops don’t always cater to what I want. It extends beyond clothing though, I like to reuse, re-purpose and repair. I don’t paint chairs green and sand them, I mean using old, battered clothing for dusters, or reusing packaging until it is no longer usable.


I recently came across an interesting article, especially the part about planned obsolescence, and realised that this describes what a lot of my friends and I have discussed from time to time. The merits of buying old stuff! Read the full article here:

There is so much waste in our society, and whilst I may shop second hand and re-purpose a lot of things, there are still ways I could cut down.

So I have chosen that as a bit of a mission for this year. Try to reduce my waste output and try to be more conscious of what I can do to help the environment. We recycle, we try our best without putting too much thought in it, so perhaps it is time to put some more thought in it.

Here are some little ideas so start you off, if anyone is new to Living Responsibly!



2 thoughts on “Living Responsibly

  1. I related to your comment about growing up with a thrifting-out-of-necessity mindset that turned into an adult thrifting-for-the-thrill-and-why-not-of-it hobby / preference. I keep asking why not? If I need it, and can get it second hand, why not? Or why should I? If I need a bike, but there are 50 of them being sold second hand, why should I buy a new one? I do a lot of defending at times, and I’ve never been inside a Costco, but I think it’s worth it.


  2. i only once entered a thrifty shop and was amazed by the things they sell in there. it seemed a lot like paradise! i never shopped there though, because i don’t need any new clothes. but when i need one, i know where to go. (:

    i’m also trying to reduce my waste, and the things i’ve done are: make my own conditioner, make my own vinegar and make my own toothpaste. i’m planning to substitute my plastic bottles with glassed ones, and use the old to plant some vegetables. i also want to compost all my organic waste. there are so many things we can do!

    i also write about simple living, if you’d like please stop by my blog. much love! ❤

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