Monday Blues

Following on from my Friday Lunchtime post, the inevitability of Monday morning and the feelings associated with it, have me thinking down the same track. I feel it like such a burning inside of me, not just the desire to not be here, but the desire to be actually doing something else. I am sat here, procrastinating, writing lists of things to do, thinking and daydreaming of things I could be doing right now. I feel as though I have to make a shift somewhere in my life, before I submit, and succumb to a life I never wanted to lead, simply because it is easier than driving myself crazy with these thoughts.


Accordingly to many studies recently, humans used to sleep twice a day, like a lot of mammals do. ( It was the Industrial Revolution that is believed to have created the working day as we know it, and our modern sleep patterns. Some took naps in the afternoon, some slept after dinner and then went back to bed in the wee hours.


Last year, for our anniversary, O.H. and myself went to one of our favourite campsites in Norfolk for three days. And we somehow magically achieved this balance. I was looking forward to lie ins and days out, but in actual fact we were up every day at 6am, had tea and breakfast and were off out for the day. After a full day’s worth of doing something we would go back to the campsite, around 3pm, and read, eventually falling asleep, waking around 5:30 – 6ish and having an evening full of activities. I felt amazing, and I am still wittering on about it 6 months later. We did yoga together in the tent, we played games, and more importantly felt truly rested. I was so happy for those three days, I cannot even begin to explain. It just felt as though everything was “right”. It was as though being able to take a nap took the pressure off the day, and getting up early made time for all the things that I want to have time to do, but never seem to.

Unfortunately my current life situation does not allow me to take it up as a practice, but perhaps one day I will be able to.

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