Let’s Talk about Rupaul

Isn’t he amazing?

For a few years now I have had a printed out picture of Ru at my desk at work. A bit weird? Maybe, but he inspires me.

Rupaul started out studying performing arts. He became a fixture on the nightclub scene, before becoming famous and being the first drag supermodel of the world!

b23ae959-ef00-4b64-b5f6-0f4879e07dac-2060x1236    This is the image that I have on my desk at work.

His career is amazing and such fun, he was once quoted as saying “What other people think of me is not my business. What I do is what I do. How people see me doesn’t change what I decide to do. I don’t choose projects so people don’t see me as one thing or another. I choose projects that excite me. I think the problem is that people refuse to understand what drag is outside of their own belief system.” – Rupaul

He is so wise, and humble, and fabulous. He has inspired so many people and allowed them to be themselves. He is deserving of the titles, “Legend”, “Mama”, “Superstar of the World”. He is so deserving of his Emmy, and of the love that out-pours for him.

Above all he is accepting, and that is what really touches me. He doesn’t write people off, he gives people chances, he looks at people, and talks to them, as if he can see right through them, through any bullshit, and see the true human being stood in front of him. He doesn’t dismiss people, he manages to find a beauty and redeeming wonderful thing in everyone that he talks to.


8 years ago he launched Drag Race. I remember watching the first season on an obscure channel (I am from the UK), at  2am with my sister and just being mesmerised. After the second season it got pulled from the channel, and I had no way of watching it until a couple of years ago, when it arrived on Netflix. I binged seasons 2-6 in a week and then started rewatching them.Then season 7 came out and, (sorry about this Mama Ru), I found every illegal video from Puerto Rico on YouTube and managed to catch seasons 7 and 8. And now season 9 is starting this Friday…I am gonna be watching the YouTube channels like a hawk!!


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