Trump’s Legacy

OK, so I don’t usually do political. I get so wound up by this sort of crap that I hide every Facebook story and when my poor O.H. tries to talk to me about politics I start singing and putting my fingers in my ears. I know what’s going on, I don’t need to add fuel to the fire and give people like Mr. D Trump any more air time in my head, unless it is hilarious,(

I digress, a conversation came up today which reminded me of an old journal entry I wrote at counselling college a few years back

diversity-image (1)(;postID=7546177312245493086;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname).

In the journal entry I wrote about how I was prejudiced towards those who had prejudices. I realised that there is so much hatred in this world, I don’t want to add to the hate by hating those who may be causing pain right now. I don’t know what to feel towards them, to be honest I can’t stretch to understanding or forgiveness, but I will not add to the hatred.

Trump is the President of the United States. (Repeat again if it’s hard to say the first time round). he is going to leave a legacy, as he is now part of the history books. So let’s try and make the legacy he leaves behind a legacy of love. Let us love each other more fiercely than we did before. Let’s stand up for strangers more than we did before. Let’s not add to the hatred and the prejudice.

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